Wednesday, September 02, 2015
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Community Center

The SVdP Community Center is located in the heart of one of California’s most distressed communities, downtown Oakland at San Pablo and West Grand Avenues. The center occupies one square block on the border of downtown and West Oakland. It serves literally tens of thousands of people per year. Based on the philosophy of treating all people with respect and compassion, the Community Center …

  • Preserves the dignity of homeless and poor people by fulfilling their basic human needs for food, shelter, clothing, showers, refuge and safety.
  • Improves community health and quality of life by promoting access to health care, chemical dependency support groups, educational classes and family-building resources.
  • Enhances economic self-sufficiency and self-determination by providing opportunities for vocational training and work force development.

In addition to the Dining Room and the Men’s and Women & Children’s drop-in centers, the Community Center offers a wide range of support services.

Community Space

Homeless Court

Health Clinics


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