Tuesday, June 28, 2016
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The SVdP Free Dining Room


Dining Room 1

Since 1976, SVdP's Free Dining Room has provided a hot meal to the hungry and homeless in one of the deepest pockets of poverty in Northern California. The Dining Room is the largest dining facility in Alameda County providing meals to the hungry five days a week.

Located at the edge of Downtown Oakland and West Oakland, the Dining Room provides a critical community service:

  • Serving up to 700 hot meals per day to people in need.
  • Offering community service opportunities to over 2,000 volunteers who provide over 25,000 hours of support annually.
  • Providing hot meals to other nonprofits and organizations, for a modest handling charge.
  • Collecting more than $1.5 million in food donations from grocery stores, food producers, suppliers and restaurants to help reduce the Dining Room’s operating costs and prevent food from going to waste.

Dining Room 2

The Dining Room is a vital doorway to other social services for those whose lives are often at a standstill. We first encounter most of our guests at the Dining Room, over a hot meal. The welcoming atmosphere sets the stage for many to seek out other SVdP services right there on the downtown campus.

The drop-in support services and the adjacent Community Center services on the downtown campus offer programs and assistance that provide many of our clients with steps toward stability.

The Free Dining Room is open Tuesday to Saturday, 10:45 am - 12:45 pm.


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